Kazi & Zaman College

P.O. New Bhaitbari
West Garo Hills, Meghalaya

College Library

         The College has its own library. Staffs and students can have open access to the library after obtaining Library Card from the concerned authority. The library is open during the college hours.
           It provides for making assignment-based teaching an enjoyable activity. Constantly updating the collection of Books with latest edition. The Library has various sections to cater the need of the staffs and students - the different sections are Literatures, Social Sciences section, Humanities Section and others.

Library Rules :-

  1. Students will not be allowed entry to the College Library without valid Identity Card.
  2. At the time a student is permitted to take a maximum of two books.
  3. Time period of keeping possession of the issued books is 7(seven) days and the same have to be returned or renewed after the said time, otherwise a fine of ₹ 5.00 per day will be levied.
  4. All books borrowed, have to be returned to the Library so as to allow stock taking and verification.
  5. At the time Staff members (Teaching and Non Teaching) are permitted to borrow a maximum of a 4(four) books.